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LiveGraph demo at Complex'07.
LiveGraph was presented at the 8th Asia-Pacific Complex Systems Conference that took place 2-5 July 2007 in Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, Australia. [details]

Academic publications

LiveGraph has been used for data analysis and presentation in a number of published papers.
Here are some references:

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[ link available in future ]

G. Paperin (2008).
Using Holey Fitness Landscapes to Counteract Premature Convergence in Evolutionary Algorithms.
Proceedings of the Graduate Student Workshop at the Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference 2008 (GECCO’08)”. ACM Publishing.
[ link available in future ]

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[ link ] (SpringerLink library may require registration)

G. Paperin, D. G. Green, A. Dorin (2007).
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[ link ] (AIP library may require registration)

Other references

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