JavaDoc reference

In this section we provide the LiveGraph Javadoc program reference for online browsing.

Starting from version 1.1 LiveGraph requires the SoftNet-Consult Java Utility Library in order to run. The binaries of that library are distributed along with LiveGraph and the users of previous versions will not notice the change. However, as the SoftNet-Consult Java Utility Library is not actually part of LiveGraph, its source code and JavaDoc are not included. You can browse the JavaDoc of the library or download its source code yourself directly from its website.

Note that only the full scale LiveGraph plotter application requires the SoftNet-Consult Java Utility Library. The LiveGraph Writer API does not depend on any third party libraries.

For an off-line copy of LiveGraph JavaDoc reference go to the download page.

There are two versions of the LiveGraph JavaDoc reference available on-line:

The source code annotated JavaDocs available online refer to LiveGraph version 2.0.X.
Annotated JavaDocs for versions 1.1.X is available for download as part of every 1.1.X source code distribution.