Main application window

This window is used for displaying of system messages, for managing other windows of the application and for loading and saving of various application settings. You can also export your graphs to image files using the options from the main window menu.

This manual refers to LiveGraph version 1.1.X.
While version 2.0.X is similar in general, there are several key improvements.
We are working on the manual for version 2.0.X. and will make it available as soon as possible.

Main menu

When you close any window of the application except for the main window, that window is not actually closed but merely hidden. You can use the options in the main menu of this window in order to bring back previously hidden windows.

You can also save and load various settings using the options provided in the main menu of this window.

Main message area

Various messages produced by LiveGraph will be displayed in this area.

Exiting LiveGraph

In order to quit LiveGraph, close the main window.

Exporting charts to image files

It is possible to save the graph displayed in the plot window at any one time into an image file.

In order to do that , select the option "Export graph to image..." in the "Plot"-menu of the main window. In the dialog window that will appear you need to select the size of the image, the format of the image and the file name.

The width and the height of the image can range between 200 and 2000 pixel. However, if you are using an old computer with very little memory, you should avoid using large image sizes.

The image formats you can choose will depend of your Java installation. The following standard formats are usually available: PNG, GIF, JPEG and BMP.

If you choose a file name without specifying the full path, the file will be saved relative to the directory from which you started LiveGraph.